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1. What is "The Great Sign"?

The Great Sign is an exciting and dynamic newly released 4 part report which covers the following:


You might think that studying Bible prophecy is a sin given the negative opinions Christians have on the subject. In fact, if you are interested in Bible prophecy, you've probably learned to keep it to yourself so you are not judged or criticized by others over it. Yet prophecy is one of the greatest modes of revelation that God uses to help believers understand his purpose and design for eternity. In order to understand major significant heavenly phenomena which point to the return of Christ it is first best to understand the principles and foundations of bible prophecy and how they fit together to provide the tapestry from which the Great Sign emerges because as we travel through this report there are some real examining questions which need to be addressed.


 Jesus Christ did not come at any time at His first advent. He came at the appointed time according to the Word of God and in alignment with the Feasts of Israel. He died, was buried and resurrected all on the Feasts of Passover, Feasts of Unleavened Bread and the Feasts of First Fruits. Furthermore, He sent the Holy Spirit at an appointed time, and that was the Feast of Pentecost. Is this a coincidence? There are only 7 feasts, and they are literally God’s “appointed times.”  The final 3 feasts (Trumpets, Day of Atonement and Tabernacles) will be fulfilled in the events of Christ’s second coming and this clearly reveals shows that they do not deviate from the Lord’s already established “appointed times.”


How are we supposed to react when we see Christians researchers espousing a belief that the heavens paint star patterns that we are supposed to observe? One could argue that there are two responses 1) The belief that seeking scriptural support for star gazing is an attempt to bridge Christianity with Astrology and is form of deception and infiltration by the occult 2) Or could it be the fact that we are missing the fact that Satan has corrupted something which originally was a tool for the prophets of the antediluvian age.


For nearly two millennia biblical scholars have speculated on what this pivotal chapter in Revelation 12 describes, but it may be that our generation is privy to seeing for ourselves. The sign of Revelation 12 stands out from other biblical signs because the text actually calls it "a Great Sign" - contrasting it with perhaps "lesser" signs. Does it hold up under the weight of scrutiny and what should our response be when some use it to make bold claims about specific prophetical events to take place on specific dates?

 2. What do I receive as part of the package?

The Great Sign comes as 4 reports

  • The Prophecy Trail

  • The Feasts and the Sign

  • The Great Debate

  • The Revelation Sign

It also comes with instant access to over 10 hours worth of online video support material

3. Is this package only available in the United States?

This package is available worldwide.

4. Can I buy the package if I live outside the United States?

If you have a credit card, debit card or paypal account you can pay for the package from anywhere in the world.

5. How secure is Paypal?

We use Paypal to process all orders. Paypal is the internet’s largest processor of digital products. Paypal uses sophisticated international fraud control to screen all purchases. For maximum card security, all orders are sent directly to the banking network for immediate authorization. We do not store any credit card or bank account numbers.


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