About Prophecy News Watch

Prophecy News Watch is one of the worlds largest and longest running bible prophecy website ministries providing daily updated information on news and current events which fulfill bible prophecy. Its director Kade Hawkins is known and well respected within the bible prophecy community having previously served on the board for Chuck Misslers Koinonia House as Canadian director for over 16 years. Kade has also been instrumental in contributing to a number of significant bible prophecy documentaries such as the Coming Convergence and Decoding The Future.

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About Rema Marketing

From humble beginnings Rema Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the internets most dynamic providers of content management relating to the end times. Its premier online publication, The Global Watch Weekly, is committed to providing disclosure on political, social, economic and technological events which are leading the world into a biblically prophesied Orwellian nightmare. There have been over 190+ editions issued all justifying the Bible as an inspired authority on mapping out proof of a coming one world government agenda, which will ultimately be overthrown through the establishment of God's messianic kingdom.

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